We all want to be young, healthy, and have a prosperous long life.
However, as we live in the modern society, our lives have become fast-paced and our lifestyle unhealthy with fast foods, pollution etc. We wanted to share Asia's secret to longevity and healthy lifestyle by introduction of tea to our diet. We believe in the power that Green tea and our other teas have on keeping our body healthy. Why else do you think Asian people don't seem to age?

  •  Since 1998, we at EVE Tea House are one of the pioneers of introducing Green and Oolong tea to the South African market.
  •  We at Eve's Tea House source and select only the best quality teas from Asia. 
  •  We believe in ethical consumerism by offering high-quality teas at affordable prices.
  •  We only sell fresh tea, so we are frequently getting our teas from their origin. 
  •  We make sure all ingredients added to our teas are natural and of the highest quality.
  •  We taste, test and drink our teas, so our tea experts are always making sure we deliver the best quality tea for your enjoyment.
  •  All ours teas are 100% natural and preservative free. 
  • Our teas have a two year expiration date from date of manufacture, see box for date.
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Tea is nothing other than this: Heat the water, prepare the tea and drink it with propriety. That is all you need to know- Senno Rikyu, 16th Century