EVE green teas

Green tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant is considered the healthiest tea because it is unfermented and contains catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), vitamins and minerals. EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps neutralise harmful free radicals in the body.

EVE Green Tea 20 teabags

EVEGreen Tea 80 teabags

EVEJasmine Green Tea 20

EVE Green Tea 30s

EVE Green Tea 30 teabags

EVEGreen Tea 120 teabags

EVEJasmine Green Tea 60

Jasmine Green tea has the benefits of Green tea combined with the flavour and fragrance of Jasmine flowers. 

EVE Organic Green Tea 20

Organic Green tea, grown without any pesticides and chemicals in the high mountains.  Our tea leaves are only lightly steamed, to remain active ingredients. The finished product is smoother and taste sweeter than pan fried green tea where fermentation and oxidation processes have been used.

EVE High Mountain Green Tea 20

 Higher quality Green tea grown in the mountains at an altitude where there is more sunlight, water and the best tea growing conditions. This tea contains more catechins (the naturally occurring antioxidants found in green tea.) 

EVE Vitality Green Tea 20

EVE Green Tea & Mint 20

Green tea with the refreshing taste and fragrance of added mint. Disguises the bitter taste of green tea.

EVE Special Gunpowder Green Tea leaves 100g & 1kg

Green tea leaves rolled tight to resemble gunpowder. Only a pinch of tea leaves is used per mug. Leaves open up when hot water is added.

EVEVitality Green Tea 30

Vitality Green Tea is for those who enjoy strong green tea.

Lychee Green Tea

A new addition to the wonderful collection of flavoured green teas. Green tea with the taste of lychee fruit, is a pleasant green tea experience for the discerning palate.
Drink Green Tea
Green Tea and Caffeine:
·     Yes, Green tea does contain caffeine but less than coffee.
·      By infusing the tea bag and pouring the first cup off will reduce up to 80% of the caffeine.

The longer the Green tea bag is infused, the stronger the taste (more bitter) and the darker the colour of tea.
Green tea is traditionally served with fresh mint, lemon or honey to enhance flavour and enjoyment.

Did you know? 
In Japan, people living in the green tea growing region Shizuka, have the highest life expectancy than the average population this is due to their high consumption of green tea. 
Drinking Green Tea is a truly economical and practical way to longevity!