eve'S hibiscus

EVE's Hibiscus, a vibrant red drink

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Hibiscus Drink is associated with special events in both Eastern and Western Cultures. It is an infusion made from the crimson or magenta leaves of the calyx of the hibiscus or rosella flower and is served hot or cold. In many countries both the flower and the drink is known as saril, a derivative of the English word, sorrel.

In Egypt it is drunk as a wedding toast. In Jamaica, on Christmas, it is served chilled, with perhaps a touch of Jamaican rum, with fruit or potato pudding. In different African countries, beverages emanating from the hibiscus flower are known as wanjo, tsobo and sobolo. One variation, bissap, is the national drink of Senegal.

In West Africa, hibiscus drink is often flavoured with mint or ginger. In the Caribbean the drink is considered an integral part of Christmas and Chinese New Year celebrations and a company in Trinidad and Tobago has now produced a beverage which combines the hibiscus tea with beer.